Wednesday, August 27, 2008

U.S. OPEN: The (spoon) curl exercise

What the hell is Alisa Kleybanova's training regimen? Is she on that Double Stuffed Oreo diet? How can someone be top 40 carrying about 20 extra pounds? Are there any men that out of shape?
These questions and more to be answered ... the day they let me into a press conference.


van said...

Hey Naf, what's up? My girlfriend sat down next to me, looked at the TV and said, "That's a big girl!" I guess it's good that they're not out there starving themselves?

Naf said...

Your girlfriend was being kind, van! Again, I just don't understand why these girls aren't motivated when they see how good they could be.
Anyway, how about the end of that Roddick/Santoro match? I've never seen anyone just refuse to try at a Grand Slam, even on match point.