Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No way. The Olympics started already? (SPOILERS!!!)

Just kidding, James Blake.
After all, what idiot would say Blake didn't have much of a chance against Roger Federer?
Anyway, Federer looked terrible today in his loss. You know, it's one thing to say that the talk about your eventual demise is greatly exaggerated. It's another to play like you might believe it. He just looked like he was trying way too hard, where before, he always looked so effortless. And while it was a great win for Blake, he did nothing too spectacular. He really didn't have to.
At least Fed will be able to focus on doubles (insert awkward silence here) -- like Venus and Serena Williams. Serena lost to Elena Dementieva and Venus lost to Li Na. So, a lot of upsets so far today.
But a gold in doubles is just as good as gold in singles, right?
Right, sighs the sisters Williams, seeded first in the draw.
Right, sighs Fed, thinking about the Mahesh Bhupathi, Leander Paes and the Bryan brothers.


van said...

Hey Naf, what's up? I don't know how to get in touch with you but here in the comments field: Your husband left a comment on my page about my A-Rod posting. I swear it was a coincidence; I just did a search on your blog and saw you had postings like that last year. I guess when you're a blogger, your ideas can cross others. Sorry for the mix-up.

As for the whole Federer-Blake deal, it's pretty wild. How can Federer be so off? But congrats to Blake; maybe he'll start believing in himself.

Naf said...

He's very protective, Van. That's all I can say. I guess it's kind of sweet.
Anyway, that's the worst I've ever seen Federer play! Just awful! It's too bad, because even though he's allowed a bad day, everyone starts to go on and on about how he needs to retire, which is ridiculous. So the rest of this summer's going to suck for him. Unless he wins the Open.