Friday, August 29, 2008

U.S. OPEN: Bless those underdogs

I don't think anyone who really follows tennis was surprised to see Ana Ivanovic tap out early at the Open. She's had little practice, is recovering from a thumb injury and doesn't appear ready to deal with the pressure of being world No. 1. Nothing against Julie Coin, but she's not someone with unbelievable talent. Considering that Ivanovic is no longer dealing with said injury, she should have been mentally strong enough to pull that match out. Considering the lack of depth in women's tennis, here's hoping she gets her head right and doesn't pull a Mauresmo for the rest of her career.
Anyway, Andy Roddick had no trouble whatsoever against Fabrice Santoro. (I think Roddick made Santoro cry. Or at least made him think Roddick's headhunting him -- with a serve. Whatever.) But tonight, Roddick takes on Ernests Gulbis, straight outta that tennis hotbed of Latvia. Gulbis is no Santoro. The only way that kid goes down 2,2 and 2 is if he comes out with a stomach-bubbling case of the nerves.
Before that, Lindsay Davenport takes on Marion Bartoli. Man, has Davenport been lucky. So far, she's drawn only the least fit players on tour. All these out-of-shape specimens remind me of this one American female, who once struggled with her fitness, only to whip herself into shape and Grand Slam contention. Then she took some time off and had a baby and now is beating kids practically half her age. The Kleybanovas, Kanepis and Bartolis of the world sure could take a lesson from Lindsay Davenport. Or they can just keep eyeballing that cookie jar.


ignoramoose said...

Bartoli annoys me. I was also annoyed to see Gimelstob in Lindsey's box. Dang, I'm grumpy.

I love Gulbis' grins on the court. There, that's not so grumpy!

Naf said...

Ha ha, ignoramoose. I've got to agree with you about Gulbis. Very cute. The smiles.
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