Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shut up. The Olympics are over already?

No, unfortunately, they aren't completely over. I say "unfortunately" because of what I saw on late-night Olympic coverage a couple of nights ago.
I'm serious.
I thought sychronized swimming and diving were lame, but who decided that jumping on a trampoline was an Olympic event? If I won a gold medal in trampolining, I'd use it as a paperweight. Sheesh. In twenty years, when our lucky trampoline champion has birthed the next RPS (Rock-Paper-Scissors) gold medalist at the Summer Games in Rhode Island, you'll know that it's in the blood. What "it" is will still be up for debate.
Anyway, speaking of gold medals, how about some that mean something? Like the one Rafael Nadal won over (ahemcheaterahem) Fernando Gonzalez. What a year it's been for Nadal. After running into the buzz-saw that was Jo-Jo Tsonga (is he going to be a Jeopardy answer one day or will he actually stay healthy?), Nadal has been practically unbeatable. Just when you ask yourself how long someone can stay motivated by being the second-best player for more than two years, Nadal showed he's been hard at work, and it's nice to see his efforts rewarded. Not only did he reassert his dominance at the French Open with a thorough butt-whupping of Roger Federer, but he also came out on top at the match of the century at Wimbledon. His Olympic gold was no cakewalk either, having to beat Novak Djokovic in the process. He really deserves No. 1, and here's hoping his stay at the top is at least half as long as his stay at No. 2.
Apparently, Elena Dementieva won the gold medal in women's singles. You know, this result makes me worried about the U.S. Open. If Dementieva can win a gold medal, then anything is truly possible at Flushing Meadow. Hear that, Lindsay Davenport?


Anonymous said...

girls on trampolines belong on late nite mens tv shows.

your future ex-hasbeen

yogahz said...

Hah! Now combine trampoline and one of the shooting events - there's Olympic fun for you.

Naf said...

Yogahz, you might be on to something.
Anonymous, you need to consider using capital letters and proper punctuation. :)