Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What I will miss about the French Open

1. French flair: Especially concerning their television coverage. The silhouette-like drawings of the players in the clay are undeniably French (I guess). I'll miss how it always snuck up on me: There I am, watching a nice overhead view of Rafa Nadal serving, and -- AAAGH! -- it's Novak Djokovic's big head looming! Now that's art!
2. Corina Morariu interviewing a stream of losers on the Tennis Channel: Because the first thing someone wants to do after a loss at their first Grand Slam is talk to someone who sounds like they're still in high school. BTW, what is up with Corina Morariu's goth makeup? Has anyone even bothered to tell her she was on television?
3. Watching my bracket disintegrate: Why on earth, after railing about how Americans never win on clay, would I choose Serena Williams to win this tournament? Hey, at least I got Andy Roddick right, right?
4. Not being glued to my television when I wake up: What am I supposed to watch in the morning now? The news? Oh, or better yet, Open Access?


van said...

Hey Naf! It's been kind of weird for me actually making it in to work on time this week with no French Open to watch in the morning. I've barely even turned the TV on!

I guess the good thing is we get to do it all again in a couple of weeks when Wimbledon starts.

Naf said...

I know, Van. I'm glad I had flexible hours ... and the ability to watch live streams on my computer!