Saturday, June 07, 2008

French finale

Congratulations, Ana Ivanovic, for proving that you can't predict women's tennis. (high, whiny imitating tone -- of myself) "I think Serena's going to win." "I think Ivanovic's going to win." "I think Safina's gonna win."
I think my net-dar is down.
Which won't stop me from babbling incessantly about tomorrow's final. This is the mouth-watering match everyone was talking about. I'm sticking with my prediction that Nadal will take home all the marbles. Not only has Federer looked dodgy this tournament, but last year was really his chance. Remember that? He had beaten Nadal in Hamburg, and was talking the clay talk. Then ... nothing.
This year, Nadal looks so dominant, and Fed? Well, Fed's dropping sets to the likes of Fernando Gonzalez and Gael Monfils. Now, I don't think he can be underestimated, mostly because he is the best player in the world. It seems, though, that Federer's success against Nadal on clay has come when he is aggressive, taking his chances by going for winners, and turning away the temptation of getting into these rallies. In fact, he did well against Nadal in Hamburg with that strategy. Inexplicably, though, he went away from it, and let Nadal have his way from the baseline. Actually, it's not inexplicable. That's a high-risk way to play tennis, but for Federer, the alternative -- hitting head-high one-handed backhands for three hours --is even worse. He's not playing well enough right now to beat Nadal that way. I'm going to give Federer the benefit of the doubt, and predict he wins one set.

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