Thursday, June 26, 2008

I guess there's a reason some people are under the radar ...

Being a seeded player at Wimbledon this year is not really working out for some people.
Oh, where do we start? OK, I'll start with my half-hearted pick for the women's title, Maria Sharapova. I normally don't get into players' attire, but you know what, Maria? Different is not always better. You know what men do with tuxedos? They shove them to the back of the closet when the wedding's over. I'd suggest the same for her Wimbledon getup. Back to business. Sharapova lost in the second round to Alla Kudryavtseva, who's barely on the tennis map. How much off the map? I have no idea if that last name is spelled correctly. If she wins another round, I guess I'll try to pronounce it, but just looking at her name now makes my tongue tired. Anyway, Kudryavtseva didn't have to do anything special to win. Sharapova came up with 22 unforced errors and 8 double faults. It's a surprising result for Sharapova, but I still feel her lack of variety, of a Plan B, is going to hurt her in the long run. When she's on, she can outhit just about anyone and that's that. When she can't, well, that's that, too.
And then there's Andy Roddick, who said at the beginning of the tournament that he didn't mind being under the radar. I'm sure he doesn't. And losing to Janko Tipsarevic (who I gained a lot of respect for during his Aussie loss to the Fed this year) will help him stay under the radar. Seriously, Andy? 0-8 on break points? I just don't know what to say about Roddick at this point. Yes, I do. Whenever I watch Novak Djokovic play, I feel he's improving. Roddick's backhand still looks so unnatural, and his volleying ... can someone say "butcher"? Dude needs a coach.
Who's next, folks? Who's the next upset victim? My cash money's on Venus Williams, who seems to be bent on giving the term "winning ugly" new meaning.


van said...

Hey Naf, don't jinx my women's pick! Venus can get it done!

Tipsarevic is really good, but this is still a bad loss for Andy. The right coach can make all the difference—if he chooses to accept the fact he needs help.

Naf said...

Hey, Van, if my pick doesn't win, no one's pick does!
I'm totally with you on Andy. I really thought he looked better for a while with Connors, but even then, he topped out. I know he calls his brother his coach, but that needs to stop, because he ain't gettin' it done.