Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OK, girls. Slowly put the candy bar down

The heroics of the Williams sisters first-round opponents -- Kaia Kanepi and Naomi Cavaday -- were commendable. They showed flashes of great ability during their matches. How about that Cavaday, though? She was able to hang with Venus for a set before it became clear that there was, um, something holding her back. Like about twenty pounds.
Here's what I don't get: How can you know that you're talented enough to hit with the best players in the world, and still not be motivated enough to hit the gym? Look at Marion Bartoli, who has been approaching the top of the mountain. Still way too chunky to be a consistent competitor, and obviously not all that concerned about it.
Incidentally, how many chunky guys do you see on tour? But you look at some of the women players, and you're sure they've a McDonald's in that locker room somewhere. It's only a matter of time before one of these chicks come out to a match snacking on some French fries.


van said...

Pretty funny post, Naf!

If anything, too, they should look at Lindsay Davenport as an inspiration. When she lost the weight she needed to, she started winning Slams.

Naf said...

Thanks, Van! Yeah, how about that Davenport, by the way? I sure hope she can give this tournament the old college try, especially because she probably won't play again until the Open.