Tuesday, May 20, 2008

White (red and blue, too) flight

Andy Roddick withdrew from the French Open on Monday because of a right shoulder injury and hopes to be ready for Wimbledon.


Former No. 1 Lindsay Davenport has pulled out of the French Open, the only Grand Slam singles event that she hasn’t won. Tournament organizers said Tuesday that the 31-year-old Californian withdrew for “personal reasons,” without elaborating.


Andy Roddick and Lindsay Davenport withdrew from the French Open, citing their inability to win the event.
"Why the **** would anyone play tennis on crushed brick?" Roddick said in a statement. "Paris is nice and all, but damn, there's only one Eiffel Tower ..."
Davenport told reporters she had a sore back due to carrying her son, then said she was trying to deal with exhaustion. Davenport last played in mid-April.
"Actually, it's my wrist. Clay makes my wrist hurt. Grass makes it better."


van said...

Hi Naf! My name is Van, and I came across your posting while looking on the Tennis Blogger site. Great point about these two. I hope Roddick's reasoning was pretty legit, though, because he had been playing pretty well. I really haven't been that big of a fan of Lindsay Davenport's "comeback." She complained so much when she was on tour toward the end there that I was happy to see her go! Now I guess she'll just play whenever. It was very weak when she bailed on the Fed Cup semis this year after saying she would be available all year.

Anyway, I'll definitely be checking out your blog again!


Naf said...

Thanks for stopping by, Van. I'd like to think Roddick really has an injury, but if this were Wimbledon coming up, he would be playing. Same with Davenport. Her comeback has generated buzz, but I forgot she was still playing until she pulled out from the French. "Personal reasons." Yeah, she personally hates the French Open. Alas, I can't hate too much on someone who is trying to balance tennis with family, either.
I can't wait to hear more from you around F.O. time. Later!