Saturday, May 03, 2008

Maria Sharapova needs a real job.

She's talking about pictures.
Not a game. Not a match. Not a point.
Pictures. She's talking about pictures.
Maria Sharapova is mad at the WTA for making her take part in a photo shoot before the start of the Italian Open in a week. She says she shouldn't be forced to do a shoot after a 12-hour flight and before the start of a tournament. If she doesn't do it, she faces a fine of at least $300,000. And she wants the public's help. On her blog, she wants her fans to help her decide whether she'll do the shoot.
In her statement, she claims, "I never do shoots before tournaments because they are mentally draining and I want to just focus on my tennis."
I was totally with her until she got to the part about photo shoots being mentally draining. Physically draining? Maybe.
Mentally draining?
To pose for a picture? To pose for 1,000 pictures, even? Come on, Maria. I can just imagine the pressure.
PHOTOG: "Maria, I need you to tilt your head a little to the left."
MARIA: "What?"
PHOTOG: "And lift your chin a bit, love."
I know, Maria. Life's a bitch.
She's being a bit of a primadonna, isn't she? If she really thinks this shoot's going to thwart her training, (whatever) she can eat the cash. She obviously doesn't have to do it, which makes me wonder why the WTA feels the need to fine $300,000 for not taking pictures. Is it because they really can't get the players together to help publicize the sport? If that's the case, then I'm sorry, but I'm all for it. Let's be real. These women are living the dream. They get to travel the world to play a game. Because of tennis, they get major endorsements and make millions without even having to play tennis. They get equal pay in Grand Slams without having to play as long as the men. The least they can do is smile for a minute and help fill the half-empty stadiums at these tournaments.
So, should she take the fine? Should the WTA threaten players into doing publicity? What do you think?


kayceeg said...

let THE MARIA be. if she wants to be primadonna just fine her with a minuscule $300,000. it is very common for superstars everywhere to be (mis)behaving that way. They are rich but they don't own their time--simply slaves of public attention and adulation.

Anonymous said...

$300,000?!? i'd double check that for accuracy. too many zeros, i'd bet.

love your blog!

Naf said...

Oh, the numbers are correct, anonymous. And kayceeg, I agree. But there are real issues in tennis, like the ridiculous calendar. Why whine about something this silly. Just do it and help advance the sport.
Thanks for reading, guys. And, BTW, she did it anyway, a day early and only for an hour. Why is it that when I stamp my feet and have a tantrum, no one listens? Oh, because I'm not Maria Sharapova.