Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LEAGUE WATCH: Eh, I'm over doubles ...

Have you ever played a match where you felt as though you were watching yourself play -- at least until the ball is upon you? I just did. The League Watch is on, and I wouldn't look if I were you guys.
In years past, I've approached my league season with one goal: Don't lose! I have never had an undefeated season. This year, to try to cope with my match-time nerves, I've joined not one, but three leagues. My reasoning is that the more matches I play, the more I can get used to it. So far, the game plan's been hit-and-miss. I'm 1-0 in singles. 5-2 in doubles. I want to be comfortable in doubles. I want to enjoy having a partner to share the pressure. That's been working out -- until today. I felt like my brain was disengaged from my body, and I hated letting my partner down. Fortunately, she's a lot of fun, and if I ever remember she's lefty, we might get into the swing of things.
My goals for this season are simple: First, I want to learn to play under pressure. I used to think I wasn't nervous, until I realized that it was the reason I wasn't moving my legs or swinging my racquet. Second, don't lose! Just kidding. I've already done that. So, it's on! Hey, feel free to post your league results and experiences. We'll laugh and cry together.

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