Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If it keeps raining, can plants grow on clay?

Just asking.
Another question: How about that Richard Gasquet? Apparently, he withdrew with a fracture psyche. He's going in for an MRI tomorrow. It might be broken.
One more question: Harkleroad. What exactly is there to be proud of? Ashley Harkleroad is apparently honored to be the first tennis player to pose for Playboy! OMG! Well, if you can't become a household name playing tennis ... The other cool thing about the Playboy thing is it just opens the door for you to slide on over to those "Skin-e-max" late night cable movies. You're on the right track, Ash. Keep it up! Uh-huh.


van said...

Hey Naf. I read something the other day with Gasquet saying he's still motivated, but I see no signs of it.

You're totally on the money about Harkleroad. You know, I think, sadly, that there must be something a little maladjusted about her. I know pro tennis players lead different lives from the rest of us, but could getting out there so young have thrown her even more off-kilter? Here's some things that have gone on with her:

• Married at 19 or 20, divorced by 22.

• Engaged to her 40-something-year-old coach. (The tour should really do something about that; it's so skeevy to me!)

• Posing for Playboy.

I'm telling you, something's going on in her head!

On a different note, though: Can I link your blog to mine and vice versa?

Naf said...

I guess when you lose confidence, it's hard to get back. Gasquet's definitely got a long way to go. Seems like Safin's problem, too.
I see Harkleroad every year when she plays in a tournament out here. I always think about approaching her, but that dude's like a coat. Besides, other players are much more approachable.