Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reality check?

So, what do retired tennis players do?
Monica Seles is gonna keep it real. She's making her "Dancing with the Stars" debut tonight.
I may have to lift my ban on "reality" TV to check this out. She shouldn't have a problem with footwork, that's for sure. If you watch, don't forget to put your TV on mute when she comes out.
Sheesh, how about the lineup for this season? Steve Guttenberg? Adam Carolla? Those are just the names I recognize, folks. Oh, and down the street are tryouts for Three More Men, a Baby and a Farm Animal.
Yikes. So this is where the Washed Up Club meets. And they're letting Monica hang out with them. One difference: She actually worked for a living -- and was good at her job.
Hey, if you dare to watch, post your impressions of Monica.

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