Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh, Fed.

I'm not one of those who acts like every time Roger Federer loses, it's the end of his world. Andy Murray, who beat him in three tight sets in Dubai today, isn't a shabby player, either.
However ... and how do I say this gently? Perhaps finding a coach ought to be moved up on Federer's "Things to do" list. All the way to the top, preferably. Maybe should be the title of the list.
Really, Rog, how much longer do you think you'll be able to fend off all the contenders, who, by the way, usually have the benefit of at least one coach telling them how to beat you? Except Murray, of course, who probably has Brad Gilbert still ringing in his head anyway.
So, who do you think would be a great coach for Federer? Gilbert? (Ha.) Darren Cahill? Ooh, or Billie Jean King? Drop me a line, folks.

P.S.: OMG! I just opened the ATP's Web site, and that damn 'Feel it' logo at the top just scared the crap out of me. Who the hell's that guy behind Borg (I think) with the dark hair? He looks like a torture victim.


Anonymous said...

Quite so. But if he hires a coach too soon, people will say he's just scared after his losses, and that will make him appear even more shaken. I have a sense that he will want to win a couple of tournaments before he moves in with a new coach. I saw Darren Cahill at the Las Vegas Tennis Channel thing, and i think he's back in the U.S. to have a chat with Federer among other things. My money is on Cahill. Am not ready to be singing "Oh Fed" songs yet! Ta.

Naf said...

I was going to post about this ... because I thought Darren Cahill was looking pretty buddy-buddy with Lleyton Hewitt in Las Vegas. Hitting with him, pumping him up during matches ... where's Tony Roche?
Anyway, I think Cahill would be a good match for Federer. Besides obviously being a good coach, his personality would mesh well. Part of me wonders, though, if he doesn't need someone who can put a little more fire under him.
Hey, thanks for checking in. And you are so cool for signing off with "Ta."