Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hey ... Fed!

Word is that Jimmy Connors and Andy Roddick are splitsville. Too soon, I say. I was really hoping Roddick would rock that bowl haircut with enough peer pressure.
Although they quit each other a week ago, I like how Andy Roddick decided not to disclose this until after he beat the tar out of Rafa Nadal in Dubai today. Nice move, waiting for a good win to put that out there. Fortunately, Roddick didn't need to wait as long as usual for a quality win. To paraphrase Roddick at his presser: "See, I don't need a coach. I got game."
We'll see about that. Roddick credits Connors with getting a fire in his belly again and retooling his backhand. In the same conversation says he's not worried about not having a coach. Says he can play well if he can "set his mind to it." You know, I don't see the makings of someone mentally solid enough to make it for too long without a coach. Nadal's a big win for Roddick, but Nadal's been iffy lately. If he can beat someone like Novak Djokovic, who's in great form these days, now that would be something.
And part of me just can't wait to see Andy Roddick at the French Open without a coach. Not that it's made much of a difference in past years. It's still going to be funny to watch him flip out on the reporter who asks him whether he thinks he needs a coach after a first-round loss.
So here we go again: Who do you think would be a good coach for young Andrew? And what do you think about Fed/Connors?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Roddick's current form. he may think he's the big daddy with his beat-down of Nadal, but then everyone seems to have nadal's number these days. though i have my money on him pounding (and i mean that literally) the game out of the Djoker. the Djoker is due for a humiliation, and who better to give it that american frat boy, roddick! as for connors and fed--no bloody way. i think fed will have to find someone he actually respects, and he's big on folks who actually have some semblance of sportsmanship. connors would certainly not qualify for that. am looking forward to indian wells here in california --i think that's when we will know who is going to make things happen this year. now, if only women's tennis were as exciting! our fave williams' sisters are in my homeland, but they appear to be creating more waves wearing saris than through their tennis!! and yes, ta again.

Naf said...

I know! I used to follow women's tennis far closer back in the heyday of the Williamses, Davenport, Capriati, Hingis, the Belgians, etc. It's just not competitive anymore. There's no variety, except for Henin. Women's tennis needs a GS showing full of close competitive matches for a boost.
You think Roddick over Djoker (nice nickname)? Right now, it's 6-5 Novak in the first set. We'll see. I don't agree so much about Connors, because I don't think Fed needs a game coach, he needs a mental coach, and someone who knows how to dig deep to win. The pack's catching up right now, and he needs a mental edge, 'cuz he's got the game.
Despite the "Ta," true tennis fans are always welcome here. :) You come on back, now!

Regine said...

Well, seems Roddick backed it up after all. Good to see Djoker brought back down to earth (post Aussie Open was unbearable), just never thought it'd be roddick who'd be the one to do that.

Fed/Connors..for, in the words of Naf, "getting a fire back in his belly"? Could work but don't see it happening

Anonymous said...

Connors still seems to be talking to Roddick between matches so not surprising that he isn't in a hurry get another coach.

Naf said...

OK, OK, I'm a believer. Roddick's for real ... right now. We'll see about IW. Is Connors still talking to Roddick? Is he doing the old "coaching by phone" trick? We'll see.