Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Aussie ramblings

Dammit. The day I've dreaded has finally come. Guga announced the other day that he's retiring after the French Open. It's really too bad his hip couldn't hold up. Tennis is losing one of its biggest and brightest personalities. He also was not a bad tennis player. Moo. I shall cheer for you, Brazilian.

You know what, India? Get off Sania Mirza's back. She's been accused of insulting her country because she was photographed with her bare feet near an Indian flag. Some social worker went to a judge, who issued a summons against Mirza under the "Prevention of Insult to the National Honor Act." Yeah. Mirza said she thought about quitting tennis, but maybe she should just quit India and play for Australia. Or Britain. Britain could use some help.

What the eff, Lindsay Davenport? She almost looks fitter than she did before the kid. The one thing that obviously hasn't changed is the poor court coverage. It's like watching a Hummer racing in NASCAR.

Speaking of, it was nice seeing Ricky-Yuri Sharapov in the audience in full camouflage gear. And was that chewing tobacco he was spitting onto the court? Dude, camouflage? That is so not Nike.

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