Monday, June 05, 2006

League Watch: 6-1 -- not the height of my fantasy man

Another week, another loss. This week, I was sent out into the mysterious land of doubles. Here's the problem with doubles. There are about two too many people on the court. Seriously, how are you supposed to get anything done with someone buzzing around you on your side, and two people to hit between on the other side? Crikeys!
Anyway, we lost, and big. Beyond that, my partner got all Howard Dean on the opposing team, accusing them of a conspiracy of the highest proportions: purposely making us run for balls between points. Sheesh, it's bad enough we're getting killed out there, she's gotta go fire them up!? Plus, there was also that one game where I hit an ace, and then three double faults.
I still have a chance to go .500 for the season. We've got five matches left. I'm an eternal optimist. Or extremely dim.
Next week: I ask experts, after they stop rolling on the floor laughing, what is wrong with my service.

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