Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Did someone say 'tough draw'?

All that talk about Roger Federer being threatened here -- it's just for us. The fans and the media need to be amused. We toy with the idea of an up-and-comer (Richard Gasquet) pushing Federer to the limit. For the record, that line read 6-3, 6-2, 6-2.
Then, we think, somehow Tim Henman -- Henman, who's doomed by his British blood to never win Wimbledon -- he's going to give the world No. 1 a battle. He'll wear him down, lay it on thick after the 'battle' with Gasquet. Well, Federer might as well have played that match in his new blazer. In the process of slaying Their Tim, he slapped him with a 6-0 set.
Let's just stop it right now. We want excitement and upsets and we'll get it. If you come to Center Court Wimbledon looking for it, you will be sadly disappointed.
Perhaps, though, all this talk about dethronement amuses Federer just as much as it does us.

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