Sunday, June 26, 2016

Up to (Wimbledon) code?

One of my favorite pre-Wimbledon story so far has been the Nike dress recall. In case you've missed this one, the "dress" was approved by the All-England Club, but not approved by players, who apparently found it very difficult to play tennis while almost naked.

Nike has asked those wearing the dress to bring it by the shop for alterations. "Whoops, we forgot half your dress!"
It's surprising that so many players wore the dress as-was to begin with, but some made adjustments, though. One player used a headband as a belt to keep the dress from flying up and showing off the ol' underoos. Another player had to WEAR A PAIR OF PANTS UNDER THIS DRESS.

So what that this dress subjects match spectators to a player's rear end for an hour or so per match? At least there's no lavender in it.

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