Tuesday, June 28, 2016

OK, fine, I'll say it.

I'm not normally one to hold on to irritation (and that's what this is), but this one really gets me. This tweet right here:

While it is good to do something useful with your time as you wait out an appeal process for a drug suspension from your sport, it is also a bit perplexing that Maria Sharapova is not sure how she got into Harvard Business School. Maybe it was the turn of phrase that caught my eye in reaction to this news. Did you know that most people who go to Harvard go through corporate sponsorship? Does this mean that her candy company, Sugarpova, is paying for this program? Or is Nike paying for this? Just curious.
The application process for this is normally four months. Did Sharapova have to wait that long? Just curious.
Harvard Business School's website says it looks to pick high potential global leaders (check) and it has a pretty lengthy and detailed drug policy (push).
Look, I'll be honest. It really irritates me that you can be banned from your sport for breaking the rules -- for cheating -- and have your major endorsers fall over backward to keep supporting you. It's definitely true that Sharapova was ordered to up her meldonium dosage before matches and practice, which sort of flies in the face of this being some type of heart medication, or flu medication, or whatever she's claiming. Yeah, she's a very smart businesswoman, and in that sense, this is a good fit, but unless I'm missing something, she's been banned from her sport for being a drug cheat. Aaaand she just got into Harvard Business School.
Just curious about that is all.

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