Friday, January 22, 2010

Australia 2010: 0 and 1?!? Really??

Not quite sure what was more shocking -- the scoreline of the Nadia Petrova-Kim Clijsters match or the fact that Petrova wasn't wearing something that made her look like a cross-dresser.
Holy crap! What happened to her? Petrova, I mean, here's someone who basically has underperformed for her entire career, mostly as a result of injury and a little bit because she gets a little jumpy in big matches. Then she shows up at the Aussie Open with a dress that hangs properly on her and beats a tournament favorite in less than an hour? I mean, what got into her?
And will it last? And who made that dress?
And as surprised as some are about Clijsters, I'm not. I mean, what do you expect? At some point after returning from a long break in tennis, there has to be some lingering effect, right? It was crazy to think she could win the U.S. Open her first major back to begin with. To think she'll make the semis and up from now on is a bit much to expect.
I also would have given Justine Henin a break if she had lost her match yesterday, too. A set and a break down in her second tournament back? And she comes back to apply the beatdown? Very impressive, and that¹s hard for me to say about Justine. (I know, I know, it's hard for me to get over her transgressions. I had to remind my husband yesterday about my issues with her and it got me mad all over again. I wish Mel Oudin would have made another run. Then I'd have another short girl on the tour to root for, guilt free.) It's hard to argue with results. By the way, she also beat the woman on tour who was the most in form in Elena Dementieva. Does anyone else have trouble believing that Henin didn¹t touch a racquet for a year? I'm saying
it right out -- that cannot be true.

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tenisa korti said...

Real shock score, glad for Nadja, but hope Kim will forget this match as soon as posible