Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Aussie countdown!

So I turn on my TV this morning and Serena Williams is going three with Bethanie Mattek-Sands. I mean, who else could it be -- wearing black and gaudy gold? Guess again, Naf. Seriously, Aravene Rezai turned some heads a couple years ago with nice results, but probably wilted under the pressure. Who knows? A little wisdom and foraging through Bethanie's closet might be just what her game needs ...

The seeds are out for the first major. Not too many surprises -- Serena and Roger Federer are the top seeds and for some reason Justine Henin is looming in the draw. Good luck, ladies. But here's a laugher. Yanina Wickmayerwas suspended briefly for allegedly trying to shake off drug testers. The suspension was overturned, but because she was suspended when entries closed, the only way Wickmayer can play is to win the qualifying tournament. That's fair. Unless you're in the qualifying tournament. Must be a nice feel when you look at the draw and you're playing a U.S. Open semifinalist. In qualifying.

Did anyone see Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters playing in the final of the Brisbane tournament? I have my issues with Henin, but one of them is not how very damned good she is. Seriously, the women Henin beat out to be ashamed. She's been eating Bon-Bons on a couch in Belgium for two years. They've been ... playing tennis. Nice work, um, pros.

Why is the guy doing commentary on Tennis Channel wearing a suit a) with 80s shoulder pads and b) that is at least one size too large for him? Wardrobe!

More when the draw comes out!


Topaz said...

Henin really hasn't been eating Bon Bons while retired. She has an academy in Florida, and was very active on court with the juniors. And you bet she was working her tail off (much like Clijsters did) before she entered her first tournament back. She's *rested* and seemingly at peace. There is no shame in losing to Henin.

She is unseeded and looming in the draw because she is not ranked high enough to have a seed. In AO, like FO and USO, the seeds strictly follow the rankings. I think that is the absolute most fair way to do it. Imagine the bickering if they *didn't* do it that way!

The Wickmayer case is indeed a bummer if you were in qualifying. She got through and faces Flavia Pennetta in the first round. She beat Flavia in straight sets two weeks ago in the Auckland final. Really sucks for Flavia!

Naf said...

Wickmayer had Pennetta for lunch, but that was the second round. There's just nothing you can do about that, unfortunately, much like having Henin floating around without a seed. I don't think the players would mind it if Henin ended up with a seed – not a high seed, mind you, but maybe 32? She just took out Dementieva in the second round! And Elena was in good form, too. She didn't deserve that buzzsaw this early. I didn't think Henin would be ready after one tournament to compete at a Slam, but I guess I was wrong. No Bon Bons for her!