Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pick up pedicured foot. Insert in mouth.

Serena, Serena, Serena.
Had no time yesterday to post about Serena's comments about being the REAL number 1, dammit.
"Quite frankly, I'm the best in the world," she says. Shh, Serena, shhh...
Next day, she's thisclose to getting bageled in the third set by Patty Schnyder on her way to a second round beatdown in Rome.
The really bad part about this is that even though she just got her ass handed to her, she is still the best player in the world. Until someone, namely Dinara Safina, can prove that she's not.
Speaking of, did anyone catch what Safina had to say about Serena's comments?
"She’s also older than me, so she has more experience than me. So let’s see when I’m her age how many titles I’m going to have, and then we can say."
That's nice and sneaky-catty, just the way I would do it. I'm starting to like Safina.

Some quick hits:
-- Rafa Nadal won another tournament on clay. WHAT!??!
-- Roger Federer did not win a title on clay. In fact, Roger's not won much of anything lately. What on earth has happened to that forehand? Is this one of those Tiger Woods things, where he's got to retool his swing -- and look bad for a little bit -- in order to return to dominance? Or have we got some other issues going on? I'm not talking about Mirka, either, people!
-- Maria Sharapova isn't playing the next couple clay tournaments. I'm going to give her about ten more days before she pulls from the French.
-- The Williams sisters now want to play for the Fed Cup team in the final against Italy. Look, that's foul. Great -- just sit around for the early rounds and let the Bethanie Matteks and Alexa Glatches of the world do the heavy lifting, then decide to probably rob them of their chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Sounds perfectly fair to me. Yeah, I know. If you want to win, you gots to go Williams. But if I really cared about Fed Cup, which I do not, that would bother me.
-- James Blake lost to a qualifier in Rome. WHAT?!?
-- So, I was watching the Tennis Channel and there was a show about the top 10 chokes in pro tennis, and my boy, Guillermo Coria was just behind Jana Novotna at Wimbledon (y'know, crying on the dutchess' shoulder). It remembered of watching that French Open final, when I was sure Coria was going to beat the crap out of Gaston Gaudio. Personally, watching Coria lose that match, I remembered wondering how anyone could blow a match like that. Unfortunately, that's about the only memory tennis fans will have of Coria, who announced he was retiring this week. Man, I hope he finds redemption somewhere else in life. Later, G.


: said...
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yogahz said...

I was feeling all schadenfreude-y until I saw the picture of Serena sitting after the match looking miserable.

Now I feel sad for her - though I hope Dinara can prove her point now.

And Really - the French Open is on Sunday May 31, 2009 AND Monday June 01, 2009?

Naf said...

Hey, yogahz, I'm glad for the calendar. I didn't know the French Open was for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!
I was going to delete it, but it does amuse me a little.
I want Safina to step up, too. I see she just got past Jie Zheng. Maybe six months ago, she wouldn't have believed in herself enough to pull out a tight three-setter. Maybe she's making some progress.

TopSpin said...

You know what - that loss was rough, I'm sure I saw her in tears for parts of that match, and YES Serena should perhaps have kept quiet about the whole number one thing, or at least have picked a better moment than her first match back from injury on her worst surface.

But that's Serena, and the funny thing is I don't think she even expected to do well in the match; just badly overlooked how embarrasing it would look if she crashed out in the way that she did.

Though I have to say this, clay was never her strongest surface, but she's now beginning to actually look quite dire on it. Can you still be the undisputed best in the world, performing so badly on one of the three surfaces?