Monday, May 11, 2009

"Cocaine. It's a helluva drug." -- Dave Chappelle playing Rick James

No kiddin’. Ask Richard Gasquet.
He’s been suspended by the ITF for a positive cocaine test and now can’t play in the French Open, which, in retrospect, might be the least of his problems.
It’s too early to know for sure if ol’ Richard likes the nose candy, but just the accusation can derail his career. I mean, Gasquet says he’s gathering evidence, but what kind of evidence is going to clear him? For the ITF to suspend him, the backup sample had to have tested positive, too.
Of course, he can try to attack the drug testing system. Good luck with that.
So far, Gasquet’s the most promising tennis athlete to test positive for coke. (Martina Hingis was on the down slope of a comeback.) Dude’s 22 years old. This is really not the best time for a possible two-year ban – the penalty if he’s found guilty at a hearing. Gasquet’s had his ups and downs in his career, but as he’s been showing with some solid play on clay, it’s not too late. Well, right now, it’s not too late. If he didn’t do it, let’s hope any mistakes are cleared up. If he did, writing an early obituary on a potentially great career is no one’s fault but your own.
Pittsburgh’s own Ben Roethlisberger almost learned the really hard way that when you’re a professional athlete – when you make money because of your fitness – you can’t do what everyone else does. I guess, in his own way, Marat Safin was trying to say the same thing. But his take on the Gasquet story is a bit perplexing at best.
“Everyone makes mistakes. I feel sorry for Gasquet. When you’re at a party, at a huge table full of people having fun, it’s absurd to have to watch what glass you’re drinking from,” Safin said (after losing to Jo-Jo Tsonga, BTW).
I’m the first to admit I don’t get invited to a lot of hifalutin’ parties with rich people, but is putting cocaine in your drink an acceptable practice? Is that “cool”? And even still, is that the best training regimen?
Maybe it is for the folks Safin hangs out with. It also might explain why he now stinks these days. Just sayin’.


yogahz said...

I liked Fabrice Santoro's comments on Gasquet:

"I found out about the case yesterday (Saturday) evening. I know Richard and his way of life very well, so it's a huge surprise because it doesn't add up.

"Or maybe I was wrong (about Gasquet) - which would really surprise me, because I know him very well - or maybe there is a problem somewhere else."

That kind of covers all the bases.

Naf said...

Yogahz, that quote pretty much made my day.

freakyfrites said...

That episode from the Dave Chapelle show was THE BEST!
Im pretty down and out about Gasquet actually. But i also think it might actually be good for him in some ways. He always seemed to lack the "hunger" that the other players have. And this could ignite that within him.
But 2 years is just way too harsh for a drug that doesn't actually enhance your performance in sports.
Great blog fyi...would you like to exchange links?


Naf said...

Yo, Freaky!
You might be right -- cocaine doesn't give you a competitive edge (although I would think you'd be a ball of energy for a while, which could come in handy while training) but the rules are the rules? Look, you have a 10-year window to be a competitive tennis professional (30 years if you're Andre Agassi). Fine. Stay clean for 10 years. You have the rest of your life to sit around your mansion, strung out on drugs. If he did it, I have no sympathy.