Thursday, April 16, 2009

Musings from the beach

So, I’m on vacation in the Florida Keys, trying to ditch the hibernation weight for the upcoming league season when I notice that Serena Williams lost a match to someone ranked 95th in the world and Dinara Safina, she without a Slam, will be world No. 1 next week. There’s no Maria Sharapova in sight, and no one else in the top five has even sniffed a major, except spring chicken Venus Williams, who'll be 29 this year. And I’m getting ready for the leagues. Does anyone else think this would be a really good time to go pro in women’s tennis?
Anyway, some headlines since I’ve been gone:
1. Roger Federer gets married! OK, I hate starting out with gossip, but this is a big deal! Listen, Fed’s been pretty stubborn about not needing a coach, so who would’ve thunk he’d finally marry Mirka? Well, as someone celebrating her fourth wedding anniversary this week, I feel qualified to say: “Run, Roger, RUN!!!” Kidding. I guess.
The real question is how or if this will change Roger’s game. Because we all know that athletes are incapable of being married and successful at the same time, right? That’s silly. The issues keeping Roger from No. 1 have nothing to do with outside forces. It's that Spaniard ... and that Brit ... and that Serb.
Rumor also has it that Andy Roddick got married over the weekend. Aww. Let’s hope the wings of love will carry Andy to the second round of the French Open this year. But! getting married is a fine excuse to miss Roland Garros. Clever move, young Andrew.
2. Women’s tennis is still whack! This is getting hard to watch. It’s like walking into a bank to find the vaults have been cleaned out and the money left strewn on the ground – and that Jelena Jankovic, Safina, Ana Ivanovic, Elena Dementieva, Vera Zvonareva and the rest of the top 20 are just walking over it like it’s not there. Although congratulations are in order for Jankovic for winning Andalucia and mowing down top 1,000 competition ... and winning a tournament that sounds like a Disney movie. “Someday, my Slam will come ...”
3. WTA’s Larry Scott leaves! I’ve actually been meaning to get around to this one for a while. He’s moved on to some NCAA conference. He claims to have left because attempts to merge the men’s and women’s tours failed. I can see his point. Because the men’s tour is a well-oiled machine compared to the women’s tour. And when you're the CEO of the women's tour, and the tour sucks, then guess who's responsible for that? When you have the Williams sisters and Sharapova experiencing fame -- without the tour taking advantage of some of that, it's really your fault. Yeah, what's happening now is nothing to write home about, but it used to be, and the tour never benefitted from that. I say that's a failing of the PR machine. See you around, Larry. Thanks, anyway.
I'll be back in a week or so. Vacation calls.


TopSpin said...

Hi Naf - Sounds like you're having more fun than a tennis fan should be allowed to.

Can't think that parenthood will affect Roger's game that badly - his issues are more to do with confidence and those guys in their early 20s you mention.

He's just gone out to Stan Wawrinka. But I'm inclined to cut him some slack on this one as he probably had little preparation having only decided to play at the last minute and having just got married.

Naf said...

Hey, TopSpin! I'm playing a lot ... not winning a lot ...
I'm with you on the Monte Carlo loss. I'm surprised he decided to play considering his wedding. I think Mirka's a bit more understanding than I am. :)

van said...

Naf! What's up? Are you out there running sprints in the sand in the morning and playing in the middle of the day when it's at its hottest to get in condition? If so, chill! How many more trophies do you need? : )

I know he just got married days before losing to Stan, but I thought Federer was going into Monte Carlo charged up. If he wasn't ready for a good run through the draw, why go out there?

I like that he got married, but I don't really like that loss.

Naf said...

Ha ha! I'm not that hardcore -- it's just nice to be able to go outside without freezing my butt off (ahem, Pittsburgh!) I am working on my serve. League season's right around the corner.
Yeah, I agree with you about Fed. Why enter a tournament you're not prepared for? I'm not saying Stan is a bad player, but Fed is still the second-best clay courter out there. Not boding well for the Frenchy ...

momo said...

Hey Nefari! It's Morgan....I texted Jerry this weekend about coming by for a little BBQ action, but I guess he didn't still have my no. in your phone. Not sure if you're back from vaca anyway. I'd love you see you guys sometime soon and would really like to come up and hit the ball sometime. I haven't played in a while since losing my partner. :( I'm or 412-983-8280.

I hope all is well!