Sunday, September 07, 2008

U.S. OPEN: Knocking on the door, huh?

All right, all right! Andy Murray is ready for prime time, okay? When it looked like he would fold against Rafa Nadal (broken at love after a 15-minute game in which he had myriad chances to break Nadal), he stepped up and finished off the world number one. (Quick word on Nadal: That was some drop shot on match point, there, Rafa. I'd give you more of the business about that, but you've had a successful, but long, season. I can't think of anyone who deserves more of a break than you do, kid. See you in Shanghai.)
But, hey, Murray, huh? Now, can he beat Roger Federer in a major final? Yes. If you can beat the dominant player of the year in a major semifinal, you can take the next step. Oh, and Murray is 2-1 lifetime over Fed.
Now, will he beat Federer in a major final? No. Right now, I'd bet Federer is laughing in delirium over not having to play Nadal. He will be loose, confident and a lot fresher than his opponent. Fed wants that major win. For him, one is pretty wack, but it's better than coming in second ... again.


Mashimaro said...

Very bold prediction, Naf. I wish I have such confidence on Roger. Murray was playing really well, taking charge against Nadal. If Murray clearly frustrated Nadal, he would drive Roger who has tiny patience mad and Roger would spray the balls all over.

I hope you are right, Naf.. Roger needs this win.. His fans need him to win.

Naf said...

Welcome back, Mashimaro!
See, I told you! You can count on the Naf! Fed looked great today. Plus, as well as Murray played to get to the final, it's not so easy at the big moment.

Mashimaro said...


You rock!!