Tuesday, September 09, 2008

OOH!! He got served!

The Davis Cup rosters for the U.S. at Spain semifinal are out today. Ho-hu-WHA?
Here's the U.S. team:
Andrew Roddick
The Bryan Bros.

(wait for it ...)

Sam Querrey

Yeah, James Blake was kicked to the curb. He told Coach Pat McEnroe he was exhausted. Makes sense. Losing in the third round at the U.S. Open must have been grueling. Seriously, Beijing to N.Y. to Spain is a little nutty. But why Sam Querrey and not Mardy Fish, who had the best run at the Open?
Oh. Because they're playing on clay, and Americans are allergic.
And, oh. Because Rafa Nadal's playing for Spain with about 20 minutes of sleep.
This should be interesting.


Mashimaro said...

I am excited. I hope I get to watch not just the dead rubbers like last year. Hope US keeps it competitive.

Sam did better in clay season this year? Am I right?

Naf said...

True, Mashimaro. Blake went 4-6 on clay this year. Querrey was 4-3. (I'm talking about the red clay. Even Roddick wins on the green stuff.) But if the U.S. can pull this out, I'd be stunned. I think Coach McEnroe would be, too, because if they had any real chance, he'd tell Blake to quit whining and get on the plane.

van said...

Hey Naf. It's almost like we're (yeah, I'm one of those sports fans that says "we're" for the team he supports!) bailing out on this one. I know the chance to beat Spain was going to be slim to none, but at least it was one. Now, I just don't know.

Naf said...

The only possible hope for the U.S., Van, is if Nadal shows up with nothing in his tank. But even a tired Nadal could beat Roddick with one eye closed on clay.