Sunday, February 10, 2008

The 'whenever' Davis Cup report

Davis Cup is not without its flaws, but it certainly doesn't lack drama. How about the best of the Serbian team being felled by the flu? Stranger yet was the withdrawal of Novak Djokovic in the Sunday singles match. He's up 2 sets to one and he can't try to finish it off? This from the prince of strategic injury timeouts? I'm not saying it's easy to play while you're trying to battle down the flu. I'm saying that as team captain, Bodgan Obradovic needs to decide (not the player) where his best chances lie. True, being down 2-1 does limit the options a bit, but if Djokovic says, "I've got this, Coach," you can't believe him. Just because he wins in doubles (which requires less court coverage) doesn't mean he's ready for singles. Maybe a little more strategy could have earned Serbia the win. Probably not. But there's no way a guy with the flu, even if we're talking about Federer, is a better option than a healthy guy. Yeah, yeah, you're saying. What about Pete Sampras throwing up all over the place and winning a match anyway? True, but let's not forget who and where: Alex Corretja at the U.S. Open. And it's still gross.

Moving on, the U.S. creamed Austria on clay. On clay. Basically, Austria sucks.

Still moving on, Andy Murray decided not to play Davis Cup because of a knee he wanted to rest. Most critical of his decision: his own brother, mophead Jamie Murray.
“It kind of affects the way we feel about him. I think it’s disappointing he chose not to come. From what I have been reading he hasn’t come out and said he’s injured, it’s more a prevention thing. I think if he had really wanted to push himself he could have come here for the match. It was a shock for me and for the team. I was not aware he had a problem," he says.
What, are these two only half-brothers? What the hell, Jamie? You never roll on family. How close is this family? I think we can take a clue from Jamie's wording. "From what I have been reading?" So, you two talk much?

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