Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Naffi!

So, I'm going through the topics on the forums at Tennis Warehouse, and I see one about Monica Seles. The question: "Is she gay?" Nice. And completely relevant. I'm about to respond that she looked to be in good shape for a possible comeback, and log in. This is what I saw:

You have been banned for the following reason:
advertising. 2 week ban. further violation will result in permanent ban

Date the ban will be lifted: 01-11-2008, 10:00 AM

What? I mean, WHAT?! Specifically, WHAT THE *&^$^@&^#)!(&$&@^$!!!!
Advertising? Don't you have to selling something to be advertising? Did someone sneak a freakin' ad on my blog without me knowing about it? I make no money with Tennis With Attitude. I started it because I actually enjoy this. No money involved. I do it anyway.
I suppose signing all 200 of my posts with the name of my blog is advertising. Is it?
There's a forum thread at Talk Tennis called "Post your blog here!" Hmmm. What about that thread with two people with their link to their YouTube video about tennis? Double Hmmm.
So, yeah, I'm a little pissed. I actually enjoy mixing it up with other tennis addicts, and I won't lie: It's nice to get my blog out there. The forums have given me great ideas for my blog and some readership from all over, too. This ban raises some more questions for me, since the fine moderators at Talk Tennis won't answer me at all.

First question:
What is advertising?
Second question:
What if I link a picture of my favorite player, or a column from my favorite writer? Advertising?
Third question:
What if I posted comments with the name ""?
Fourth question:
What if my blog name is in my profile and someone clicks on it? (which it is)

You know what, Talk Tennis? There aren't a lot of tennis fans out there. We should be sticking together. Let's not fight. Just admit that I'm right, lift the effin' ban, and we'll forget all about this. Why? Because I'm not on steroids or cocaine. Because I'm not a gambler. Because I don't cheat on line calls. Look, guys, we can make a deal. I can give you a piece of my non-action, if you want.

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