Friday, March 23, 2007

Retirement watch -- er, glimpse

It's Kim Clijster's last year on the pro women's circuit, and she seems to want every appearance to count. That's because she won't be playing a whole lot this year. From the wires:

"Plagued by injuries in recent years, Clijsters plans to marry American basketball player Brian Lynch on July 14 in her hometown of Bree, Belgium. She'll skip the French Open to prepare for the wedding, and she said this week she may miss the U.S. Open because of the honeymoon."

I'll say it again: Skipping the Slams in your final year is a little suspicious. The one Grand Slam you win is only a "maybe" on your calendar? The other, that you've come painfully close to winning is a "maybe never year?"
Besides the idea that she may return next year is the other option: Kim Clijsters hates being a tennis player. It's possible to be quite good at something, and hope you never have to do it again. I can draw on my own experience here. Being a five-foot-three fashion model totally drained me. Finally, at the age of 28, I decided to become a copy editor, get hitched and start a tennis blog. But you know what? I don't miss a minute of 'the life.'


Anonymous said...

instead of saying Kim Clijsters "hates tennis", it would be much more accurate to say she hates the travelling and the injuries. Go and check her injury list the past few years. She wants to be 100% at every tournament she goes to, because her body can no longer take tournaments every week. If it means cutting tournaments, then it has to be so. who cares about your unsuccessful model experience

tennisfan said...

Kimmy has the right to choose the tournaments she wants to, given that she has been plagued by injuries the past few years. If she wants to focus on certain tournaments, that would mean having to give up some (just look at FO and Wimbledon). Kimmy has her reasons for possibly not playing the USO, but I dont think she needs to tell the whole world.