Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cold feet?

Item: Kim Clijsters, playing her final season before retiring from the women's tennis tour, will miss this year's French Open to prepare for her marriage in July.The 23-year-old Belgian, a two-time runner-up at Roland Garros, had been expected to skip the event to concentrate on Wimbledon, the one Grand Slam in which she never reached the final.

I smell something pungent in the air. Is it ... can't be ... not from her, but that's definitely ... bullshit. Are you really retiring, Kim? Because, in case you hadn't noticed, you're not Lindsay Davenport. You don't hate clay. In fact, you were in the French Open final once -- nay, twice. Not at all curious about whether you can win the French? You're okay with "close enough"?
Or, are you thinking twice about retiring? This is your final year, you say, but you're tossing aside Grand Slams like ... well, like you've won a bunch. You haven't. I hope you're having second thoughts.
Another thing, which is exactly none of my business, but what is your rush with getting married? You're 23 years old. I'm sure young Brian is a worthy mate, but let's not forget the bullet you dodged with Lleyton.


Anonymous said...

She has her own valid reasons for not playing RG. What the heck has it got to to do with Lindsay? Maybe because she has been perpetually injured on the surface and doesnt want to risk it? Have you ever thought of that? I'm sure you'd love to win one slam yourself, instead of sitting behind a computer attacking people for not winning more. And what does her choice to get married this year has to do with you, and what right do you have to criticise it?

Naf said...

And a big thanks to Kim's personal assistant for her contributions. Meow!