Monday, July 11, 2016

It's a Wimbledon wrap

The men's draw of Wimbledon didn't go anywhere near as expected. Probably not even for Andy Murray, who won the thing. You have to think that given the current form of Novak Djokovic, most of the top men probably think they'd be lucky to snag a Slam anytime soon. Still, it turned out well for fans that it didn't go as planned. We got to see Milos Raonic. I have to say, his game is starting to grow on me. I will concede that it's not fair to judge a book by its cover. But the Koozie? The too-perfect hair? It's been hard. Having said all of that, Raonic's game is coming along well. He followed his big serve beautifully for most of the tournament and executed with efficiency at the net. He is becoming a player who is more than his serve, and it's entertaining to watch. He should be able to do the same at the U.S. Open. Which young gun will follow him toward the top of the game?

Other things I had noticed:
1. I can just hear the Williams sisters now: Serena: "Man, we really should try to play a warmup tournament before the Olympics. That's pretty soon, you know." Venus: "Wimbledon, maybe?" As a warmup. For most, no. For them, they made it look pretty easy in winning the women's doubles title, a few hours after Serena won in singles. But where was Martina Hingis in all of this? She was nowhere to be found in any doubles final, having lost early in the women's draw (to eventual finalists Yaroslava Shvedova and Timea Babos). Bummer. 
b. NICOLAS MAHUT, Y'ALL! Look, that guy deserved a trophy at Wimbledon, and dang it, he finally did it in the men's doubles. Big ups to he and Pierre-Hugues Herbert for playing an entertaining final.
a1. Some people had some things to say about the idea that it's not generally a great idea to be a coach and do commentary on your player this weekend (ahemJohnMcEnroeandMilosRaonic). I've discussed this before regarding the way the women's game kicks that nonsense up a notch.
Gotta go play hooky from work to work on my volleys. Later! 

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