Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Frenchy 2016: Bracket bonfire

There seems no better time to look back at the first round of the French Open then now, as I watch Andy Murray fight off some other guy no one ever heard of. He's down 5-3 in the second set to ... wait, lemme Google his first name ... oh, here we are -- Mathias Bourgue. So this should be fun.
But besides what might be about to happen to Murray, there have been some surprising results so far. Let's discuss!

1. It really is not right that Victoria Azarenka cannot avoid injury. She had to quit her first round match yesterday against Karin Knapp in the first round with another knee issue. Now, Azarenka has only three Slams, but consider the major tournaments she hasn't been able to play. She's a legit contender to Serena Williams and the other top players, and it must be frustrating as hell for her. So down goes Azarenka.
2. Down goes world No. 3 Angelique Kerber. Kerber is new to the top echelon, so perhaps we should lower the expectations. Having said that, guys, she has no weapons! Like any lefty, she has a tricky serve, but it's not that tricky. She can run anything down, but you have to be able to finish the point some time. I just don't know about that one.
3. Discuss amongst yourselves: The concept of 32 seeded players is completely and utterly lost on the women's draw due to its current lack of depth.
4. Right now, Andy Murray is down 2 sets to 1 against this guy. Bourgue is walking around the court with his chest puffed out, clearly in his IDGAF stance. Murray almost lost in the first round to Radek Stepanek, who I can barely believe is even still playing tennis. Is it the coaching maelstrom? Not sure yet. Even though I've never heard of this Bourgue guy, he obviously is not a pushover. Seems Murray just got a crappy draw to me. For now.

Finally, there is this, which is hilarious to me:
Apparently, tournament officials have decided that if you're over the age of 30 and you lose a match there, you should hang it up. Hear that, Serena and Venus Williams and Stan Wawrinka? Probably not, because they're old. 

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