Monday, August 10, 2009

More evidence that women's tennis needs help

Right now, Kim Clijsters is three points from taking down Marion "Candy" Bartoli in Cincinnati in her first match back. Yes, you can be a female professional tennis player right now (and fresh off a tournament win) and still lose to a woman who just had a baby. Look, Chris Evert could get back into the top 20 right now. True story.
Seriously, it's great to see Kim back. Vote in the poll.


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Kim said...

How about the fact that, after the Williams sisters, the next highest ranked US woman is No. 68 Melanie Oudin? Why isn't anyone more concerned about this?

Naf said...

I'm with you, Kim. The Williams sisters will be done in probably three years. What's next? Is the talent not out there or is it not being properly developed? Look at Russia. There is always another wave of players, especially female players. The U.S. could take a lesson from them, that's for sure.

van said...

Hey Naf, what's up? Yeah, I thought that was weird, too, when Davenport came back and immediately started winning tournaments, or when Seles came back and won right away, too. And don't get me started on Navratilova winning doubles matches!

But I think that top seven or eight is pretty solid, and I think Kim is going to be hard-pressed to take down the less-flaky players.

Topaz said...

When both Davenport and Clijsters have come back, they've been *fresh*. They haven't been playing all year and aren't worn down. They had also been gone long enough that players may not know (or remember) their game.

Remember what happened with Lindsay? She came out like gang busters, but then things leveled off, and then, unfortunately, her old knee problems reappeared.

I do think Clijsters will do well (thinking, inside top 20 by the end of the year), but I credit Kim and the situation with this more than I blame the rest of the tour.

A win over Bartoli doesn't necessarily mean anything though...she herself is so erratic! Though, since I've written this, Kim has acquitted herself very well (which I'm ecstatic about, she's one of my favorite players). She lost to JJ in three late last night, but she was in the match. Let's just hope she stays healthy!

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