Saturday, March 07, 2009

9 things I've been doing instead of blogging

1. Watching Serena Williams clean up in a one-day $1.2 million exhibition tournament and wishing my parents had slapped me silly when I said I wanted to be a journalist.
2. Choosing my local league teams for the summer.
3. Thinking "This would be a good time to blog," then going on Facebook.
4. Watching Andy Roddick dismantle some poor Swiss guy in Davis Cup play. Besides Stan Wawrinka and that other decent Swiss player, there are no other men from that country in the top 100. In the top 200, make it three -- Stephane Bohli. You know. Stephane. Bohli.
5. Finding it interesting that David Nalbandian couldn't play Davis Cup because of a "virus." I think I've had that virus before. The original name is very scientific, but translates to "I don't feel like it."
6. Watching Venus Williams win two titles in a row. OK, one of them was in Mexico, but it was clay -- not a bad move if you really want to do some damage in Paris.
7. Reminding myself that it's been a long time since I've seen Maria Sharapova play. Allegedly, she's practicing and planning to play doubles in a tournament with Elena Vesnina -- just doubles. I'm asking myself how bad this injury is, because if I'm a pro with a lingering shoulder injury, I don't think the first major I'd be playing would be the French Open ...
8. Thinking that Zina Garrison has a long road ahead of her trying to prove discrimination in her lawsuit against the USTA. You know, Zina, my job happens to discriminate against me not doing my job. I understand I can be fired for that. Just sayin'. Let's get real for a second, hon: You can't allege discrimination for getting fired just because you're black.
9. Getting tired of Chris Brown. And Rihanna. I can say in all confidence that I DON'T GIVE A &@$(#! Is there nothing more interesting going on in the world? Like Indian Wells? Damn.


freakyfrites said...

Hey there Naf! Fun blog!
FreakyFrites from GOTOTENNIS here.
Wanna exchange links?


Naf said...

Hi, FF!
I added your link, and noticed the story about Fed and Cahill. Intriguing.

TopSpin said...

Ha! Like the translation of Nalbandians mystery virus.

I don't know, I've been less than enthused with Davis Cup this weekend - I caught some of the US v Switzerland tie and couldn't bear to watch GB v Ukraine. Still, good to see A-Rod's good form continuing.

Great to hear of Maria's return even if it is only tentative. You're right about her shoulder though, long clay court rallies are exactly what the doctor didn't order!

yogahz said...

Naf! Welcome back.

Did you make any major changes to your league teams this year? Are you captaining? (Don't do it!!)

(Both my women's and mixed teams are going on to sectionals after winning the local playoffs.)

Naf said...

Hi, TopSpin! I couldn't really watch much more of Davis Cup myself. The U.S.-Swiss tie was too easy. I still am very irritated by the way that event is scheduled. If it were more hyped up, Nalbandian wouldn't be making up crap so he didn't have to play. He'd want to play. And apparently, Sharapova's officially playing doubles this week. We'll see ...
And yogahz! Hey!! Heck no, I'm not captaining. I'd never do anything like that. Although I did consider (still considering) playing for a 4.0 team. I can't decide. I've already committed to my 3.5 team, and I can play both, I guess. We really want to go back to regionals. I MUST REDEEM MYSELF! :) Congrats on the sectional runs. You guys better kick some butt!

yogahz said...

Definitely yes, play up. At the very least it makes the 3.5 matches seem easier. Plus you get to play the kind of tennis that you like instead of lobby, keep it in tennis (the kind that beats me regularly).

Be preapared to become a 4.0 if you get enough wins. That's what happened to me this year. I was able to finish 7.0 mixed as a 3.5 but no more. 8.0 women's is more fun but the team itself isn't as fun-loving. I think you'd do great at 4.0.

Naf said...

I want to become a 4.0, yogahz, but I'm fully prepared to get my you-know-what handed to me at that level. I think I'm missing consistency mostly, but it'll make a big difference. Of course, I'll keep you posted on how this ends up going down.
And, oh, I hate, hate, hate lobbers! Hate 'em! Mostly because I can't beat them. :( The one match I lost before playoffs was to a lob queen. But I've been working on overheads and hitting the ball on the rise to knock out those shenanigans.
And ... congrats on getting bumped up! Again, I expect complete and utter domination from you!