Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A grudge match ... for the young and old?

Quoth the Associated Press:
MACAU — Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg will team up for a special doubles event in November, possibly against the men who ended their famous Wimbledon streaks.
Federer and Borg will face John McEnroe and either Rafael Nadal or James Blake at The Venetian Macau Tennis Showdown on Nov. 20 in a Tour of Champions event.
Federer and Borg each won five consecutive Wimbledon singles titles. Nadal ended Federer’s run in an epic five-set match this month and McEnroe snapped Borg’s streak in 1981.
McEnroe’s partner will come from the country that loses the Davis Cup semifinal between the U.S. and Spain in September.
The showdown will start with a one-set match between Borg and McEnroe, followed by a best-of-three sets between Federer and Nadal or Blake.
The two-set doubles match will be decided by a 10-point tiebreaker, if necessary.

Boy, I'd bet the conversation on the Fed/Borg sideline will be interesting, if brief:
Borg: Hey, Rog, I hope you don't take it personally that I picked Rafa to beat you at Wimbledon.
Fed: Whatever, old man. You want the backhand side?

And you'd expect Nadal and McEnroe to get along famously, right?
Nadal: I'm just going to say this, John. You have to have a butt and defined legs in order to wear the pirate pants, no?


Jodi said...

Ha! I love it!

Here's hoping it is Rafa, and not Blake, that takes the court... Rafa/McEnroe doubles would be something to see, that's for sure.

Naf said...

Yeah, Blake would be boring. It'd also be funny to see if Fed tries to beat Rafa at the net. It'd be an accident, of course ...