Thursday, November 01, 2007

Martina Hingis: Retiring cokehead?

OK. This is freakin' weird.
Martina Hingis announced her retirement from tennis today. Disappointing, sure, but not totally unexpected. The injury bug has come back again and again for her, and it's been a successful, if painful, second wind for Hingis.
Here's where it gets, well, freakin' weird. Hingis says she tested positive for cocaine at Wimbledon AND retires. See, this makes me think that Chucky's a cokehead. Please, Martina, let it no be true. Although this would explain the constant smiling.


R.C. French said...

Hi Naf. I’m a long time reader, I always used the RSS feed so this is my first time on the comments. I dig the blog and always enjoy reading your new posts.

I can’t believe that any professional tennis player would take cocaine. I mean these people are all fitness freaks right? They probably don’t even put cheese in their sandwiches. Except maybe Marion Bartoli, but she’s cute.

Naf said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually assembling my year-end extravaganza right now, so keep reading.
I agree about Hingis. I would think it was some botched test, except she decides to retire instead of fighting it? Now she's got this question mark over her legacy. Even if she didn't want to play anymore, she still should have fought it, and sued the ITF, or whoever, for the legal fees.
I can't believe you think Bartoli is cute. Bless your heart. What is up with that serve motion? It's like she's dancing (badly) to a song that only she can hear.