Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let the healing begin

The French Open withdrawals begin in earnest today. The biggest hit is Andy Murray, finally confirming he won't play because of a bad right wrist. This after decidedly mixed signals from he and coach Brad "Talk with the Hand" Gilbert. Murray said over the weekend that he still needed to see a specialist, while Gilbert was saying on his Web site that his boy was O-U-T. Good to see everyone on the same (Web) page with that.

Tommy Haas has a bad shoulder and Vera Zvonareva apparently is all cried out (and happens to have a bad wrist), so they're out. Spaniard Alberto Martin has an ailing elbow. But the strangest withdrawal was Xavier Malisse, who cites, in part, a wrist injury. The other part? Here's the press release (or so I had heard:)

I have a sore wrist, which isn't terrible, but my coach points out that the distance from Belgium to Roland Garros is a long way to go to play one match, or two, if I'm lucky.

Sometimes, I guess, you gotta know your limits.

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