Thursday, May 25, 2006

League update (or 'Why I'm switching to lacrosse')

Well, South Carolina turned out now to be just a bad week. I've had about four of them now, in a row. The good news is that most of my game has improved since the first week of the league. The bad news is that my serve gets worse and worse. My last match was #1 singles, and I was even hitting decent drop shots. But I held serve only once, and that obviously wasn't enough.
So now, I'm faced with the fact that I need a serve overhaul, and entirely the wrong time -- the middle of a season. But I'm determined to do everything I can to get my rating up to 3.5, and win at least one match this season. There's one in particular that's quite important. Perhaps I'll get into it later.
Off for Memorial Day weekend, but I'll post an update after my next match.

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