Friday, December 31, 2010


Right around the last time I posted here, my husband warned me I'd have to give up the blog. I didn't want to believe him, but here we are, more than six months since I whined poetic about the Fed Cup. What happened to the Naf?
Well. I got the job of my dreams -- plus kept my old one. It's been a lot of fun and a lot of work which left me with little spare time. So I had to decide whether to play tennis or write about it. Let's just say I managed to get my USTA ranking bumped up.
As for this blog, I feel bad. I'm a little undecided on what to do. End it completely or try to hold out until I only have one job. I'll come up with a decision soon, although regardless of the job situation, things are only going to get busier in the new year. Regardless, it's fair to at least address my poor lonely corner of the blogosphere, just in case there's still someone out there. While I've never been rewarded with a large readership, this was just plain fun to do -- going through draws, touching base with other tennis nuts and other great stuff.
I will wrap with a few predictions and observations from 2010 and looking to 2011:
1. Dinara Safina. Name sounds familiar. Hm. No, gimme a minute ...
2. I still believe in Andy Murray. This is his year. Seriously, it's this year.
3. I'm not saying I don't believe Serena Williams, but I want to see this cut. That's all I'm saying.
4. Women's tennis is starting to bore the crap out of me. Will we ever see a drag-out, hair-pulling slam final again?!?
5. With all the year-end reviews, I am so over this John Isner-Nic Mahut match. True, no one will ever do that again, and it was cool in that respect. But how about that one rally they had, pulling each other all over the court with expert shotmaking? You don't remember that? Exactly.
6. I think Nadal stays at No. 1, but winning the Aussie Open for a Rafa Slam might be a lot to ask.
That's all I got. Anyone still there?